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Art with Heart

We founded Partner in Lyme as a result of our family’s personal experience with Lyme Disease. Our goal was to help carry this burden of this disease. We do this by giving those in our community in treatment $1,000 to buy products and treatments that help them heal in body, mind & spirit. Many don’t realize that because Chronic Lyme is not recognized by the CDC, patients have no insurance coverage for treatment. Doctors that treat Lyme Disease generally do not take insurance and the out of pocket costs are staggering. The average patient spends up to $50,000 per year on treatment!

We step in to help give hope for when we carry each other’s burdens we are reassured that we are not alone, that we are loved and cared for. Donors make this work possible. Our recent fundraiser Art with Heart raised over $5,000 which will help us carry on this work into the new year.

Why did we chose an art auction?

Both my daughters are artists. My sister was an art educator. Both Grace and my father are musicians. Creativity runs in my family. Many of our supporters are working artists and many of the people we have awarded financial gifts to are artists. So it just seemed natural that offering our supporters a variety of creative items to bring into their homes was the perfect way to raise money for Partner in Lyme.

What was the feedback?

Our participating artists are excited to partner with us again. I already have many commitments for our 2022 auction. While not everyone was able to get the item they wanted due to some very active bidding, the most common response I received was “it was so much fun!” Siblings were in bidding wars. Cousins swept in at the last minute and scooped up items which then in turn gifted to other cousins. Complete strangers joined in and not only donated money for the item but covered the cost of shipping. Items were shipped to Texas, Ohio, Florida, and more. Many were hand delivered giving me the opportunity to personally thank the winners. It was a beautiful experience overall and I am already planning Art with Heart 2022!

Our space

The space for Art with Heart was generously donated by FLP Tax and Accounting in Milldale, Connecticut. We are so grateful for the use of their beautiful office. I’d also like to thank Pack & Ship of Stratford, Connecticut who made shipping these fragile items easy and affordable.

Thank you to all who came together to carry the burden of Lyme Disease. My family is thankful for yours!

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