Partner in Lyme, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization that provides financial assistance in the amount of $1000 donations to Connecticut residents dealing with a Lyme Disease diagnosis so they have extra money to buy the things that will help them heal, in mind, in body and in spirit.  


Our goal is to form partnerships with those affected, but also with local businesses that have goods and services which benefit the chronically ill.  


Things like sauna treatments, salt cave visits, quality juicers and blenders, essential oils, wheelchairs, infrared mats and more are often overlooked because the price tag of Lyme Disease is so high.  Families and individuals often have no disposable money left over after paying living expenses, doctor visits, medications, lab work, and herbs/supplements.  


We exist to carry the burden of Lyme, one donation and one partnership at a time.


Welcome to this space.  We are glad you are here.



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