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Introducing Lyme Green!

This tea was created by nutritionist and Open Door Tea founder Kasia under their Chari-tea initiative to support victims of Lyme disease. 100% of profits from sales are donated to Partner in Lyme, a CT-based 501c3 Charity.

The heart of this blend is a gentle green oolong tea, cherished for its subtle, flowery aroma and complex, layered flavors. Crafted for those with Lyme Disease, this blend is balanced with supporting herbs that promote natural detox and liver support, boosting the immune system in your wellness and recovery journey.

Supporting Characters:
- Nettle brings its detoxifying prowess to this uplifting blend, offering gentle support for your body's natural defenses.
- Ginger gives a zesty zing to awaken your senses, complementing the gentle touch of lemongrass. Together, they offer a touch of warmth and clarity.
- Milk Thistle steps in to show love to your liver, an essential organ when you're focused on wellness.
- Spearmint refreshes the palate and calms the spirit, while cinnamon adds a comforting spice to round out the flavors.


Golden Flower Oolong Tea, Nettle, Ginger, Lemongrass, Milk Thistle, Spearmint, Cinnamon


Anxi County, China

Shop with purpose. Support our mission to carry the burden of Lyme and do something good for you and those you love!

*This is not medical advice


NutraMedix offers 10% discount on all wellness products available at with promotional code PARTNERINLYME.

NutraMedix donates to Partner in Lyme with every purchase! 


Heather Gray, FDN-P healthcare professional

Best Selling Author, Podcast host, and Speaker has created an online course which she has generously discounted for the Partner in Lyme family!  On top of the discount, she will donate ½ to Partner in Lyme.  This self-guided course can be purchased for you or gifted to someone you love. Jessica, the founder of Partner in Lyme, took this course and credits it with helping create a healthy lifestyle.





Melissa Coffman

Functional Nutritionist and trained Lyme-literate healthcare professional

certified in IBS and digestive issues

trained Biocidin healthcare practitioner

20% discount off initial nutritional consultation when you use the promo code PARTNER at


Event Sponsors:


Thank you FLP Accounting and Tax for donating your space for our Art with Heart Fundraisers!

Thank you Morrison Insurance Agency for sponsoring our Art with Heart 2022 and 2023 fundraising events!

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