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Park Lane Fundraiser

Partner in Lyme has a base of amazing donors and supporters who are working to raise money to help carry the burden of Lyme. I recently asked my friend (and cousin in law) Cheryl if she had any jewelry she would like to donate to Art with Heart 2022. She is a representative for Park Lane Jewelry and the pieces she often shows on Facebook are stunning. She replied that not only would she give to the auction, she wanted to host an online fundraiser and donate her proceeds to us!

Cheryl and I are joined not only by family, but by also by Lyme disease. Her husband, my cousin, was the first person I called when my daughter Grace received the diagnosis of Lyme. I had no idea where to begin or what to do. This diagnosis felt dire and overwhelming and I’ll never forget Cheryl’s voice in the background telling my cousin what medication to ask for and what to do. I was so grateful for this support and reassurance that things would be okay, maybe not right away, but in the end, things would be okay.

I sat back and watched Cheryl masterfully create and run an online fundraiser that pulled in 100+ people and raised over $1,000 for Partner in Lyme. I bought some beautiful pieces for myself and I was gifted several beautiful pieces to give away to people with Lyme as a reminder that things will be okay…maybe not right away, but in the end, things will be okay.

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