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Can you use an extra $1000 for sauna, chiropractic, craniosacral, lymphatic massage, salt cave, physical therapy and more?

At Home

Can you use an extra $1000 for a quality juicer, essential oils, CBD products, a quality blender, diffusers, or to stock up on gluten free, sugar free, dairy free products?


Can you use an extra $1000 for a wheelchair, a knee brace, an infrared mat, a home sauna, a foot bath, a muscle massager, quality sunlasses and ear plugs for light & sound sensitivity?


Can you use an extra $1000 to pay for this month's doctor visit, bloodwork, supplements, medications?

Applying for assistance is simple

Lyme Disease is complicated enough.  We want to simplify the application process. 

1) Partner in Lyme provides financial assistance to Connecticut residents diagnosed with Lyme Disease.  Email and tell us a bit about yourself and your Lyme story. 

2) Have your doctor mail us a signed letter confirming your diagnosis.  The letter must be addressed to Partner in Lyme, signed and dated by your doctor, who must be defined as an MD, ND, DO, PA-C, or NP.  The letter must state your name and date of birth.  The letter must be dated in the calendar year in which you are applying.  Your application is not complete until Partner in Lyme, Inc. receives the doctor’s letter. The doctor’s letter is valid for 2 years. Please contact Partner in Lyme for mailing address.  

3) Provide 2 forms of proof of Connecticut residency. 

4) To receive assistance, we ask you sign a pledge form, committing to provide feedback and verifying use of the funds including submission of receipts for expenses incurred on or after the date assistance is provided. We do not reimburse for past medical debt or expenses. Assistance is provided in two $500 increments; the first immediately upon notification and the second after submission of receipts showing how the first $500 was used for treatment.   

5) We ask you to complete the Assistance Feedback Form: How did you use the funds?  What treatment opportunities were made available with the funds?  How did this affect your healing process?   

We distribute assistance monthly on a rolling basis, when applications are complete.  You will be added to a wait list and notified when funding is available.

*Partner in Lyme limits one award per individual.  

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