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Meet the Artists


Gus Cantavero

Gus  is an experienced filmmaker & photographer, specializing in travel, corporate and documentary films. He has shot travel photography and films in Cambodia, Singapore and the Philippines. 



Erica Whiting

Contemporary photographer and painter unashamedly celebrating and empowering women.  Specializing in natural light, with an emphasis on conceptual and creative portraiture - think editorial meets fashion! 



Miguel Estrada

Miguel Estrada, aka Marsh, grew up in the Bronx, NY. Graffiti art caught his eye at a young age, and though illegal, he appreciated the pops of color that it brought to his neighborhood. Admiration led to experimentation and he began drawing his name anywhere and everywhere, playing with different letters and designs.



Sarah Kushwara

Sarah Kushwara is a painter, photographer, printmaker, and illustrator. Her training was from her experiences, the light on  the Altiplano of Bolivia, the ghostly shadows of Istanbul, and the need to make art spiritually. 



Roger D. Salls 

Photography captures the spirit of people, places, and things through a lens, and Roger perfects the images through the latest techniques and technology. The reward is seeing the satisfaction in clients’ responses.




Dave Ginnow

Full time Mechanical Engineer, part time potter at theclaydate.com in southern CT.


Heather Coupland

After losing her twenties to Lyme & Coinfections, Heather became determined not to let her journey of disability stop her. As a distraction from chronic pain, she started to create one of a kind crafts, sometimes right from bed. Her sales to help fund treatments (that not covered by insurance) as well as help pay off medical debt.

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Meg McNivens

Megan McNivens is an up-and-coming painter. ​Her bodies of work are heavily influenced by the transitions of nature and draws upon events in her life that have brought her grief, joy, and critical introspection. 



John Fatse

 John Fatse evokes numerous emotions and reflections. To some his art triggers relaxation, to others, reminders of the sway of daily life, their gardens, and the change of seasons. Originals range from $375-$2500. 




Grace Snajder

A professional photographer since age 17, Grace enjoys capturing moments and making them last a lifetime.  She has won local photography awards as well as placed in the top 10% of Shoot & Share 2020.  



Ted Walker

Ted has been designing jewelry for over 30 years now and is a Master Artisan member of the PA Guild of Craftsmen. He is a true fabricator (no lie)! Every piece he designs is 100% hand crafted. No molds or jigs mass producing jewelry by the hundreds. He works directly with the sterling silver to create simple designs that stand the test of time. Not going for glitz, Reflections in Silver wants to be a favorite, everyday piece of jewelry that will last your lifetime!



Meghan Delp

A senior in high school, Meghan is exploring her many options for art school.​  Won Best in Show at The Brookfield Craft Center Student Art Show with her piece titled Portrait of a Woman.


Lilah Snajder

Studio Art student with Concentration in Painting and Minor in Business Administration at Eastern Connecticut State University​.  

Richard James

An internationally published fine-art photographer and printmaker, Richard’s fine-art photographic prints are the culmination of more than 30 years of personal artistic development.

Richard's work is clever, playful, and engaging—it draws you in, making you an audience member in his deft visual storytelling. It’s all for the express purpose, as Richard insists, of eliciting an emotional response from you, the viewer and collector.