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Jessica shares about her own struggle with tick borne disease in the premier episode of The Silver Lyming.


Navigating illness (mental or physical) with our teenagers and young adults is a whole different ballgame. We need to empower them, yet at the same time we are still the caretaker. A lot of our work is behind the scenes and our role is vital. Knowing who is the decision-maker can also be tricky. Jessica Snajder makes this process look easy.


In this episode, Jessica shares the story of how she empowered her daughter Grace through the diagnosis and different treatments in her daughter’s Lyme journey. Often times, a healing journey can create conflict between family members. Jessica’s relationship with her daughter was strengthened. If you are navigating a challenge with your teenager or young adult, tune in to this inspiring episode.


Grace and Jessica Snajder are the dynamic mother-daughter founders of

Partner in Lyme. The Connecticut based non-profit organization offers financial, emotional, and spiritual support to people diagnosed with Lyme disease.

If you would like to know more about how the Snajder family sold an ineffective treatment tool and used the money to start a Lyme disease non-profit, then tune in now!


Listen to our podcast on Heal, a podcast for all things related to Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses. 

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