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Overcoming All Obstacles

Lyme Warrior is an organization near to our heart. We proudly wear their apparel in support of the work they are doing in the fight to find for a cure for Lyme Disease.

Like many with Chronic or Late State Lyme, Maura’s main symptoms are brain fog, joint pain, and air hunger. Air hunger is a symptom that is hard to describe unless you have felt it. It is similar to asthma and occurs because the red blood cells are depleted of oxygen. Global Lyme Alliance has a good article to read on air hunger to better understand and relate to someone you know with this symptom. Despite this, she is able to maintain an active lifestyle with modifications and limitations, which is both a blessing and a source of frustration.

While her life has certainly been impacted by Lyme, her friends and her family are her support network. Healing from Lyme Disease is a daily fight. It helps to have a support network and Maura’s support comes from her friends and her close relationship with her Mother, Sharon. Sharon introduced Maura to Lyme Warrior through her own volunteer work over the past year. Maura was the recipient of a Smile Box and knows firsthand how a gift from an organization can make a hard time a bit easier. Lyme Warrior has sent over 300 smile boxes to children nationwide. Inspired by this, she joined their current fundraiser: Throwdown, in which participants set their own challenges based on the amount of money they raise. Money raised will support future Smile Boxes, patient care, and research funding.

Maura has set some fun fundraising challenges. To date, she has raised $300, which means she has already completed some of the challenges below. When she raises $600, she will walk/run 10 miles. For someone currently battling Lyme Disease, this goal is remarkable. In addition to providing financial support for Lyme Warrior, Maura hopes that her participation in the challenge will spread awareness of Lyme Disease in her local community. These are her goals and challenges:

$50 I will paint my dad's fingernails Lyme green

$100 I will dye my horse's hair Lyme green with Manic Panic hair color

$200 I will let my mom do my makeup while she's blindfolded

$300 I will wear pajamas and slippers to school

$500 My whole cross country team will silly string our coach with Lyme green string

$600 I will run/walk 10 miles

$1000 My little sister has agreed to perform a song she wrote

Maura encourages those with chronic Lyme to know they are not alone and together we can overcome all obstacles! Partner in Lyme wants Maura to know she is not alone in her fight and in her quest to help others. You can support Maura’s fundraiser here!

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