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"My daughter has Lyme Disease and a co-infection of bartonella. Treatment is for a year and our doctor doesn't take insurance.  I can't imagine how we are going to pay for this treatment."  


"Office visits cost me $300. I go every 2-3 months.  The blood work ranges from $770-$1300 each time. Last year Lyme care cost me 20% of my income." 

 “I was a single, independent woman with no close family. I could no longer work or do almost anything to help myself.  After continued months of inconclusive tests and confusing diagnoses, I was finally guided (mostly through word of mouth) to iGenix and received a positive result for Lyme and Ehrlichia. Further testing with Galaxy showed that I was also positive for Bartonella, and I am also diagnosed with secondary mast cell activation, vasculitis, autoimmune encephalitis, and PTSD - all seemingly resulting from this tick-borne illness.  Unfortunately, I am unable to afford continued treatment without additional financial help.”

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