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The Wheelchair

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

“What ideas do you all have for taking a child around who doesn't have wheelchair? She wants to go outside but is too weak.”

This question was asked to a Facebook group created for parents of children with Lyme Disease. I am in this group because my 19 year old daughter is currently battling this disease. Her symptoms were misdiagnosed for 18 months and she was infected for much longer than that. When I came across this comment, my heart broke because like this mom, there was a time when I too was on a search for a wheelchair. In the summer of 2019, when my child was too weak to walk around an amusement park, I rented a wheelchair from Rotary Drug, a local pharmacy and surgical supply company and then purchased a used wheelchair off Craigslist. My daughter used the wheelchair once at a concert but never wanted to rely on it, even when times were tough.

I had an unused wheelchair sitting in a corner of a room, and right before me was a mom in need of a wheelchair for her seven year old child. The idea for Partner in Lyme was born.

I don’t believe in coincidences and therefore was not surprised to learn that on a national Facebook group, this mom that I just connected with lived only a few towns away from me in Connecticut. Over a cup of coffee, we shared our stories and found that although our daughters are more than ten years apart in age, we share many things in common. We both agreed that we needed more than an online community to share the questions, frustrations and heartaches of Lyme Disease. We need a local community of people and businesses who understand our daily battles.

What if we could partner together to make life just a little sweeter?

What would you buy for yourself, or your child if you had an extra $1000?

A wheelchair?

My hope is that you never have to.

But if you are here and you need a wheelchair, or something else essential to the treatment of this disease, please apply for a gift of $1000 today. Together we will ease the bitterness of Lyme, $1000 at a time.

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