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The Spoon Theory

There is something called The Spoon Theory that is well known with people who have chronic illness. Basically, one spoon equals one unit of energy and when you are out of spoons, your day is done. Some people may not use their last spoonful of energy until making dinner while others may use all their spoons by simply waking, showering, and dressing. There are some things you can do to recharge and add a few spoons back in, but when it comes to chronic Lyme, most people experience the end of their day when their last spoon is gone, whether it is 9am or 9pm.

One way Lymies, or anyone with chronic illness, can use fewer spoons is to add things to their life to decrease the amount of energy expended on many things that healthy people take for granted. I am so excited to announce that Collins Medical Equipment in Fairfield, Connecticut has partnered with us by offering our Awardees a 10% discount on all items in their store. They are willing and able to help find the perfect items that help extend energy, decrease pain, and equip a home with items that make movement easier.

Grace and I visited the store and she pointed out all the things that would make her spoons last longer.

Pain decreases energy quickly. We always need supports for joints and muscles. Sometimes even sleeping can cause pain. If your head is not supported correctly or you turn a certain way, a muscle pulls or joint pain flares.

Working in a chair is hard also. It can cause a great deal of back pain which often makes driving a challenge and can make things that used to be enjoyable, like playing the piano, impossible. Lumbar supports help. Heat and ice are helpful too and who can resist an adorable heated stuffed animal??

Grace hopes that someday she will have a super-deluxe recliner, one that helps her sit and stand, has vibration to help with lymph movement, heat to help with pain, and has a full range of motion from upright to a full recline for sleeping. Collins Medical Equipment has many models to choose from.

Whether you need adaptive equipment to maximize how long your spoons last, or you are looking for items that make your home safer and healthier, you can find what you need here.

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