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Like, Share, Follow and Pray

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

I understand that nonprofits are constantly vying for your dollars and your time and that you have a choice where to give each. We line our donations up with what matters the most to us because realistically we cannot give to every organization that is working to do good in the world.

Our family has made choices over the years as to where we give. We support the following organizations and the work they do:

Tim Tebow Foundation.

I have supported Tim from the very beginning. I love his work with children’s surgeries and adoption assistance. For his most recent birthday he sought funds to begin to expand working to free children from the bonds of sex trafficking.

Operation Christmas Child.

Before I began working with Partner in Lyme, I was a Church Coordinator for OCC. I spoke with churches to help them develop systems to collect shoeboxes to be sent around the world. Although I no longer work in this capacity, I will still pack shoeboxes and hopefully collect them at our local Drop Off Center.

Compassion International.

We sponsor a child from Ethiopia.

When Partner in Lyme seeks donations we know that you have choices. As a new nonprofit, there are things you can do to help us grow that don’t cost anything!

Share us on Instagram and Facebook

Do you know that with every share on Facebook, my posts receive double the engagement? Let’s say my last post has 40 views and resulted in 2 people clicking over to our website. When you share my post, I would be about 80 views and 4 website clicks. This opens us up to new donors and new applicants. I literally jump up and down when I see someone share my posts.

Like our Pictures

I don’t even pretend to understand the algorithms that drive social media platforms but I do know that the more likes you get the more people see your posts.

Talk about Us

Even thought the statistics of new Lyme Disease Diagnoses are staggering (300,000 per year), people do not realize that chronic Lyme is not covered under insurance. Most people do not realize that the average patient spends $50,000 a year on treatment. Most people do not know that Lyme is sexually transmitted and can be passed on congenitally, so it is not uncommon to have multiple family members with Lyme which increases the costs exponentially. Through our Instagram, Facebook and blog, we are working to educate our followers about the realities of life with Lyme. As you know more, share more about this disease and how many, many people are in a daily battle for their health.

Pray for Us

When you pray on our behalf, it gives us unseen but very much heartfelt encouragement.

Why does this matter?

There are several reasons why social media matters. Companies that want to partner with us are interested in our following. They want to know that we are established, growing, and working to meet the needs of our community. When I seek sponsorships, I promote our partners on our social media, so the more people that see our promotions, the more likely someone is to partner with us. Another reason is that in this era of covid, many in-person opportunities to connect have been removed. Social media has filled a bit of this void.

So help us out!





And pray.

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