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Connection, Community and Conversation

Finding current Lyme statistics is challenging. estimates that in Litchfield County alone there have been more than 44,000 cases of tick born diseases in the past decade. Let’s really think about that number. That is in just ONE county in Connecticut.

Earlier this month, I drove up to Litchfield, which is Connecticut farm country. There are rolling hills, nature preserves, wetlands, rivers...all places where ticks love to multiply. Just before I visited someone did a quick cloth sweep at one of the nature preserves and pulled more than 20 ticks off her small piece of cloth. Don't worry...she is experienced in tick research!

My reason for driving to Litchfield was to meet a mother whose daughter is diagnosed with Lyme. Partner in Lyme awarded her a $1000 donation. We had a lovely breakfast and I was reminded of just how much the Lyme community needs.

  • We need connection.

  • We need community.

  • We need face to face conversations with people who understand what it is that we face, or that our children face day to day.

As Partner in Lyme grows as an organization, our goal is to provide these opportunities for connection, community and conversation. That is the reason we keep donations contained to a geographical area, our state. Our business partners are local businesses and our awardees are local individuals and families. Together we make strong partnerships. We carry each other's burdens. We share the load. I have the utmost respect for the organizations and foundations that are larger and able to serve individuals nationwide, however, I wanted to do more than put a check in the mail. I wanted to meet the person, hear their story, laugh with them, cry with them, pray for them and travel the journey towards healing with them.

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