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Tuesdays are Zoom days with a 3:00pm EST Coffee Chat and a 7:00pm EST Bible Study. I never imagined when I began Partner in Lyme that I would have the opportunity to connect with people all over the country. Our Zoom groups have included people from Arizona, Texas, Florida, West Virginia, Illinois and Connecticut.

When our followers and supporters choose to shop through Amazon Smile in support of Partner in Lyme, the money that comes back to us is used to pay for our Zoom membership. It is really simple to choose a charity to support and when many people make the choice, the 1% Amazon gives back adds up. In our case, the first check was used to pay for one month of our membership.

Sometimes people just need to know that their actions result in a direct reaction. When you choose Amazon Smile, the reaction is that we are able to provide more services to those with Lyme Disease.

Our Coffee Chat is open to anyone with Lyme or anyone who is a caregiver for a child with Lyme. We talk about what life with Lyme is really like, the ups, the downs, the blessings and the challenges. We celebrate each other’s successes and we support one another through challenging days. We began this during the Covid quarantine and over the course of weeks and months, we became friends.

Our Bible Study focuses on chronic illness. We examine how the Word of God strengthens us in our battles against illness. Because we realize that lots of extra work is a challenge during the week, we keep it simple and conversational. People drop in week to week as their schedule allows and we find great peace in the company of one another, even if it is through a computer or phone screen and not in person.

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